Monday, March 17, 2014

The Race That Wasn't

This weekend definitely wasn't my best weekend in terms of decision making.

The start of the Shamrockin Run 8k was pushed back to 9:30 am due to the weather forecast, but Matt and I still didn't make it.

Matt and I went back on forth on whether or not we would run for such a long time that morning, that by the time we made the decision to skip it, there really wasn't any other choice in my mind. I'm the type of person that if I'm not early, I feel like I'm extremely late, so I was starting to panic more as the start time crept closer. Then I realized that our plan of parking at the end of the race and taking a bus to the start line wouldn't work because somehow while planning for the race, I missed that there wouldn't be a bus to the start before the race. The buses were only running after the race to get people back to their vehicles near the start. Oh, and did I mention that we also forgot to bring something for breakfast? Normally this wouldn't be a problem, but Matt's parents also forgot to pack food to bring with them camping. Cue more panicking race morning due to poor planning on my part. Then it didn't help that this race kept running through my head. I just didn't want to risk anything bad happening for a race that wasn't even 5 miles and didn't have a medal.

All those things just made me not want to even attempt to get to the start line. In my head the race was already over before we left the campground, so I gave up and changed out of my running clothes. It definitely wasn't a moment that I'm proud of, but I was determined that it wouldn't ruin the rest of my day.

We decided to just go to breakfast with Matt's parents instead. Wouldn't you know that as soon as we made it to IHOP, the rain stopped. It wouldn't even drizzle again until the afternoon. Yep. It was one of those days. I felt really silly at that point, but I was going to have to live with that decision. Like I said, I wasn't going to let it ruin my day.

After breakfast Matt and I decided to go to the aquarium to kill time before the Pelicans game that afternoon. Last weekend they opened a newly redesigned exhibit, so it was nice to be able to see it. The bad thing is that it doesn't take a long time for us to go through the aquarium, so we finished with a few more hours to go until the game.

After the aquarium we went for a walk through New Orleans. We weren't going to just sit around waiting since we didn't run that day like we had planned. We walked to the French Quarter and just enjoyed the day. On our way back towards the aquarium we passed the Insectarium, so we decided to go walk through it, too. (Nowadays Matt and I usually go to both the aquarium and insectarium on the same day since they are small and so close together.)

After that we had some coffee before heading to the Smoothie King Center for the game.

The Pelicans won in overtime, (yay!) but the highlight of the game was that Matt was picked to compete in a mini game on the court. He had to play tic-tac-toe against another fan, and whoever won got a year's supply of free bread. (You were able to place your piece on the board after making a lay-up.) Apparently Matt's opponent was from Australia, so they knew ahead of time that he wasn't eligible for the prize. Matt was given the coupons for the bread before they even played, so he went out there just to have fun (and show off his socks). Technically he lost since he was too busy playing around, but he had a great time anyway.

So even though the weekend didn't go exactly as I planned, I still managed to have a great time. This morning I got up at my usual time to get my exercise done and felt determined to get back on track. I am going to have a great week!


  1. Aww sorry about the race! (Or lack thereof) but it does look like you had a great weekend! What are y'all going to do with all that bread?!?!?

    1. He was actually given 54 - $2.50 coupons to cover the cost of the bread, so if the price goes up this year we will have a year's supply of discounted bread instead of free bread. :)