Sunday, March 9, 2014

Springing Forward

So…I finally got around to updating my header! Woo hoo!


Is it bad that I never realized that my little blog made one year on February 22nd? I guess I wasn’t paying attention since I was doing a horrible job of blogging? Whoops…:/


In my very first post I mentioned that I would blog about things other than running. Other RANDOM things that I enjoyed. (Which is why I gave my blog the name RunningRandom.) The thing is…I don’t think that I ever got around to blogging about those other things that I love. I never really opened up about myself outside of running, and this year I want to try and change that. My 76 posts were either about my training, races, or my lack of training, and as soon as I stopped running normally, my blogging went away with it. I can’t say that I will post every day or on a set schedule, but I hope to post more often than I have been lately. I’ll still post about running, but now that won’t be the only thing. If you only come for the running posts, then feel free to skip the others or vice versa!


Before I go posting about other stuff, I do have to say that so far March has been pretty great! Especially when it comes to being healthier. I have gotten better at controlling my snacking and have once again started making better food choices on a normal basis. I won’t say that I have been perfect, but I have definitely shown an improvement and feel better for it. Also, the thing that I am even more excited about is that I have been doing some form of exercise daily!


photo (19)


Look at that! I have only run once so far, but I have started every day this month with some sort of workout. Sundays are my rest days, so the yoga that I do on that day is all about stretching, flexibility, and relaxation. I only exercise for about 30 minutes each morning, but it is more than I was doing before now. I can’t even remember the last time that my calendar looked like this, so it must have been a long time ago! With the time change we will once again start running on Tuesdays and Thursdays after work, along with sometime on Saturday. As of now I still plan to do some form of workout before work on running days, but we will see how I feel once we get back to running.


I mentioned to Matt that I am even more anxious to get back to running now because I think these other workouts will help me be a better runner. I feel like I will rock the pavement the next time we get out there! Of course, I could be setting myself up to be let down if I have an off day the next time that we run, but I’m going to try and keep my focus on the positive side. It’s all mind over matter, right?


I’m anxious to cram everything that I want to blog about into this one post, but I think I will try to space them out. That way I force myself to post again soon. ;)


See you next time!


  1. I really really need to get back into yoga too. Doing on your rest day is a terrific idea! (Love the blog header though... and the nod to the Tardis and the N.O. Pelicans! - and I'm especially glad that they got rid of that horrendous, creepy other mascot!)

    1. I forgot how much I enjoy to start my Sundays with yoga until I started doing it again.

      Thank you! I really like this header so much.

      Hahaha, I'm pretty sure that I might have been the only person to like the old mascot. I think I may have liked him how he was because so many people didn't like him, and I felt overprotective. :) Don't get me wrong though, I love the new one so much more!