Friday, March 21, 2014

Fitness Friday - 3/21/14

Happy Friday!!

This week was another good week of work outs, but I did do a little bit of switching around of the schedule.

Sunday turned into a true rest day since I didn't run or do yoga that morning, and then Thursday afternoon Matt and I didn't go for our run because we were invited to go eat with some friends. We did bring our running clothes to work today so that we can go run this afternoon.

I may not be able to see any change yet, but I can definitely feel a difference in my muscles while exercising. I did an ab video this morning that I was dreading because I had some trouble with it last week. Well, I'm happy to say that I did not have as much trouble today! It was still difficult, but I was able to complete the whole workout today. Yay!!

Our run on Tuesday was so great! Matt and I set a goal for ourselves that we want to be able to run a 5k without using intervals, so we were going to see how far we could run without stopping that day. We did make sure to start slower than usual so that we could last longer. We managed to complete all 3 miles without walking! I was so excited!

Honestly, I was really nervous before we started because I didn't think that I would be able to complete the challenge. I was probably more nervous about trying to run 3 miles through than completing a half marathon. Now I want to sign up for another 5k even though I said that we weren't going to sign up for any races of that distance this year.

Oh, I also got an extra workout in today since I went over to the new building to clean up all the new (to us) desks that are currently in the building. It was pretty warm in the office, so I was all sweaty by the time I was done. Also, my arms were tired from the work, at least my right arm was shaking. I did try to use my left arm to balance them out, but it just felt too awkward sometimes.

Hopefully next week will be even better!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Wednesday Wish list

After about five years of pushing construction off and many broken promises we finally have a brand new building for work! We are supposed to be moving into our fancy new area at the end of the month, and I can't wait. I'm excited, but at the same time I'm still trying not to get my hopes up until we are actually moved in and working out of the new warehouse. With our luck something is bound to go wrong and push everything back again.


Since this won't be a leased building I plan on decorating my office more than I decorated the one I am in now. I have some odds and ends at this place, but I want my new office to have more. Right now the only thing that I actually have on my wall is a calendar. Granted I always try to get an interesting calendar every year, but that still leaves the rest of my walls pretty plain. I also have a Runner's World desktop pull away calendar, an adipose stress toy, Thor Pez dispenser, some owls, Mickey clock, and Disney pictures scattered around my desk and windowsill.


The Mickey Mouse clock and adipose are actually for Matthew, so he says that I have to give them up when he finally has his own space at the new place.


I have an awesome Loki print that Matt bought for me at Wizard Con in New Orleans that doesn't really go with the theme of the other prints that we purchased, so I will probably bring Loki with me, but I am still on the hunt for other things that I would like to display.


Here are some things that don’t follow a certain theme, but I think would look great on my walls:


(click images to be taken to the source)



Steampunk Flying Pig


The Kraken! Art Print


Winter Owl


You Found Me


Game of Thrones - Westeros Map - 17x11 Poster


Steampunk Art Print -  8 x 10 Hot Air Balloon  - Nautical giclée Art PRINT -  grey blue pale green black dusty - Fairy Tale Art Childrens


We Are Made Of Star Stuff - Space Poster Print Galaxy Nebula


Loki Helmet Print - Faux Gold Foil Loki Helmet from the Avengers Thor - Tom Hiddleston Fandom Loki Print


There are many more prints that I have seen and would one day like to own, but I decided to just show you a little bit of everything that has caught my eye.

Monday, March 17, 2014

The Race That Wasn't

This weekend definitely wasn't my best weekend in terms of decision making.

The start of the Shamrockin Run 8k was pushed back to 9:30 am due to the weather forecast, but Matt and I still didn't make it.

Matt and I went back on forth on whether or not we would run for such a long time that morning, that by the time we made the decision to skip it, there really wasn't any other choice in my mind. I'm the type of person that if I'm not early, I feel like I'm extremely late, so I was starting to panic more as the start time crept closer. Then I realized that our plan of parking at the end of the race and taking a bus to the start line wouldn't work because somehow while planning for the race, I missed that there wouldn't be a bus to the start before the race. The buses were only running after the race to get people back to their vehicles near the start. Oh, and did I mention that we also forgot to bring something for breakfast? Normally this wouldn't be a problem, but Matt's parents also forgot to pack food to bring with them camping. Cue more panicking race morning due to poor planning on my part. Then it didn't help that this race kept running through my head. I just didn't want to risk anything bad happening for a race that wasn't even 5 miles and didn't have a medal.

All those things just made me not want to even attempt to get to the start line. In my head the race was already over before we left the campground, so I gave up and changed out of my running clothes. It definitely wasn't a moment that I'm proud of, but I was determined that it wouldn't ruin the rest of my day.

We decided to just go to breakfast with Matt's parents instead. Wouldn't you know that as soon as we made it to IHOP, the rain stopped. It wouldn't even drizzle again until the afternoon. Yep. It was one of those days. I felt really silly at that point, but I was going to have to live with that decision. Like I said, I wasn't going to let it ruin my day.

After breakfast Matt and I decided to go to the aquarium to kill time before the Pelicans game that afternoon. Last weekend they opened a newly redesigned exhibit, so it was nice to be able to see it. The bad thing is that it doesn't take a long time for us to go through the aquarium, so we finished with a few more hours to go until the game.

After the aquarium we went for a walk through New Orleans. We weren't going to just sit around waiting since we didn't run that day like we had planned. We walked to the French Quarter and just enjoyed the day. On our way back towards the aquarium we passed the Insectarium, so we decided to go walk through it, too. (Nowadays Matt and I usually go to both the aquarium and insectarium on the same day since they are small and so close together.)

After that we had some coffee before heading to the Smoothie King Center for the game.

The Pelicans won in overtime, (yay!) but the highlight of the game was that Matt was picked to compete in a mini game on the court. He had to play tic-tac-toe against another fan, and whoever won got a year's supply of free bread. (You were able to place your piece on the board after making a lay-up.) Apparently Matt's opponent was from Australia, so they knew ahead of time that he wasn't eligible for the prize. Matt was given the coupons for the bread before they even played, so he went out there just to have fun (and show off his socks). Technically he lost since he was too busy playing around, but he had a great time anyway.

So even though the weekend didn't go exactly as I planned, I still managed to have a great time. This morning I got up at my usual time to get my exercise done and felt determined to get back on track. I am going to have a great week!

Friday, March 14, 2014

Friday Fitness

This week was another week full of sticking to my scheduled workouts! Whoop whoop! I admit that I did a little extra snacking this week, but I didn’t let that ruin how good I felt from exercising.

  • Full body
  • Abs
  • 30 min run
  • Full body
  • Lower body
  • 3 mile run
  • Abs
Look at that! Matt and I actually went run after work…twice…and it was great!
I know that this is only the second week that I have been actually been exercising, but I feel better than I have in a while. I know that there will be a day that I don’t feel like getting up and working out before work, but I hope that this time around I will be better equipped to push those thoughts away and stick to the plan.

On Tuesday it would be one of the few times that I ever did two workouts in the same day, so that made me a bit nervous about running later. I admit my run wasn’t as amazing as I hoped it would be. I’m not saying it wasn’t fun though. It was tough and hard to breathe. We only did 30 minutes instead of the full 3 miles that we had planned, but I was okay with that since we have to put in the work to get back to where we were before we started slacking.

I was even more nervous when Thursday rolled around because my exercise plan called for a leg day that morning. It didn’t even cross my mind to switch it with another day, but that is okay because I didn’t have anything to worry about. I almost backed out of the run today because it is my godchild’s birthday. (He is 11!) I’m glad I didn’t since the run was awesome. The weather was perfect, and I felt great the whole time. It was a little chilly, so I wore the shirt that I received from running the WDW Marathon. This was my first time using it for a run, and I think it was a nice little reminder that I could definitely 3 miles that day.

After our run we went to my sister’s house to see my godchild, and I indulged in some pizza. It was delicious. I had two slices, so I held back and only had two bites of Matt’s slice of cake.

This weekend Matt and I will be running in the Shamrockin’ Run 8k in New Orleans! It isn’t even a full 5 miles, but I am still really excited to run on Sunday. I don’t think that we have ever participated in a holiday themed race, so that is one thing that makes me look forward to this run. I’m also looking for to the free post race Guiness, but I will honestly probably only have a sip. I like beer, but it is actually rare for me to even get the free beers after races. Maybe because it is so early in the day? Oh, it is also supposed to rain on Sunday. Boo! I hope that the rain is just rain and not a storm. Anyway, I plan on having a good time, rain or shine!
See you next time!


Wednesday, March 12, 2014

What I’m Loving Wednesday – 3/12/14

Here are a few things from around the web that I am loving right now!


*You can click the images to be taken to the original pages.


  • Steampunk Disney
    • When I saw this post I gave a giddy squeal of delight. Steampunk and Disney are two of my favorite things, and I feel like they were combined just for me. I want to buy every one of the steam punk goodies that I can see in the photos!



  • Doctor Who
    • I have recently been converted into a Whovian, and I am now in the process of converting Matt. The conversion is going well, and I am enjoying watching the episodes again with him.




  • This photo shoot
    • No words are needed to describe how adorable these photos are!

han and chewie kid and pup






  • Pandemic
    • I love board games, and I love being able to play on the same side as my friends instead of against them!



See you next time!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Pelicans Fan Appreciation Day!

One thing that I know I mentioned before is my love for New Orleans professional sports. I love the Saints and the Pelicans, but even though they haven’t been around as long, I think I hold the Pelicans closer to my heart. I obviously wasn’t there during the early days of the Saints, so I don’t have that connection with them like I do with the Pels. Another factor is that Matt and I have been given more opportunities to interact with the Pelicans/Hornets players, so that helps me to feel closer to them. When it comes to the Pelicans I feel like a protective mother bear and the team is my cub. (*insert cub noises here*)


On Saturday, March 8, Matt and I were invited to go to the very first New Orleans Pelicans Fan Appreciation Day! (We did go to a similar event last year, but they were still the Hornets at that point in time.)


We arrived extra early, so we were very close to the front of the line to get into the event, which is held on the Saints indoor practice field. (That place is HUGE!) Since we were so early we were able to witness Jason Smith ride by on a golf cart! Jason was hurt and had knee surgery this year, so he wasn’t walking around the area this year. We also were able to get a good look at Pierre the Pelican’s new and improved beak!


The doors opened at 2 o’clock, and Matt and I decided to scope out the stations before deciding what to do first. Most of the stations were the same or similar to last year. The big addition to this year was the tour of the team’s brand new, state of the art practice facility. Matt and I were definitely going to go on the tour, but first we wanted to see some players!


Right away we noticed when Jason Smith was back in the building. He went to the stage, so that is where we headed first. Since not everyone was in yet we were able to snag two front row seats! Jason Smith came out on the stage early to get settled in, and Matt didn’t hesitate in making eye contact. Matt mimed some moves imitating Jason’s crutches, and Jason responded to him. I can’t really describe it besides it was funny, and from that moment on, I couldn’t stop smiling. Before some other players joined Jason on the stage, someone from behind the screen threw a small basketball at Jason. They continued to throw the ball back and forth for a bit, but the Jason threw the ball to us! Yay for free souvenirs!


Soon some of the other players joined Nicole and Jason (hosts) on the stage for a little bit of fun.


photo 1  photo 2


Greg Stiemsma, Al-Farouq Aminu, and Alexis Anjinca were the first team members up. They had a quick Q&A with the fans, then a short game, and that was followed by Jason giving his teammates weird awards. I love seeing the players interact with each other in a setting that isn’t a basketball court because they always seem to have so much fun. After this segment Matt and I were going to head to the practice facility tour, but we decided to stick around when we noticed that Anthony Davis was with the next group of players to come up.


photo 3


This segment was with Davis, Luke Babbitt, and Brian Roberts. There was no game for this group, but the Q&A was longer. It got interesting when someone asked Davis who on the team was his favorite person to go one on one with during practice. His response was Austin Rivers, and he made sure to say it loud enough that Austin heard him from his station. This led to Austin coming over to give his response, and it was interesting to watch them go back and forth about it. When this group left Matt and I once again planned to go do the tour until we saw who was coming up next.


photo 4 photo 5 photo 1 (1) photo 2 (1)  


Tyreke Evans, Anthony Morrow, and Ryan Anderson were up! This one was modeled after the first group with a short Q&A followed by a game. They played “Heads Up,” which is a game where one person has to describe something for their partner to guess. The guys that were set to describe the word weren’t the best at describing them, but it was hilarious. Anthony Morrow and Ryan Anderson ended up winning with only one point.


When Jason Smith handed out his mini awards for these guys, Ryan Anderson was given the “Most Likely to Break Out in Song” award. I’m glad that I decided to use the video feature on my phone for this one.


(I hope this works since I have never posted a video before.)


In between segments Matt and I went and asked Jason Smith to record a greeting to my cousin and her daughter. It was so cute, and he went above and beyond just saying hi while looking at my phone. I won’t post the video, so you’ll have to trust me that it was great!


After that we went get something to eat and then finally headed off to get a tour of the practice facility. They were taking small groups of about 20 at a time, so we had to wait for a bit before our turn.


DSC02172 DSC02173 DSC02174 DSC02175 DSC02176 DSC02177 DSC02179 DSC02181 DSC02183


We were able to see the locker room, film room, weight room, and practice courts.While there we ran into Pierre again, and this time we made sure to get a picture with him! Also, Alexis Ajinca was on the practice court for photos. I always feel so tiny while standing next to these guys! When we went up to Alexis for our photo, Matt went in for a high-five, so Alexis put his hand up in the air...way beyond Matt's reach, haha! After Matt and I took our photo, a lady from our group came up to me to tell me how cute our photo looked since I only went up to his waist. The picture was the end of the tour.


We had about 30 minutes until the event closed, so Matt and I headed back to the Saints practice field to see if anything interesting was going on over there. We found ourselves back at the stage just in time to watch Jason Smith, Ryan Anderson, and two fans play another game. This one was a family feud type game, where you named as many thing that matched the topic as you could in a certain amount of time. I didn't take any photos of that game, but it was fun to watch, of course! Before leaving, we wondered over to a game to see who could make the most shots between Matt and myself. I won't keep you in suspense, Matt won. ;)


After that it was time to head home. I can't wait until next year!!


See you next time!

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Springing Forward

So…I finally got around to updating my header! Woo hoo!


Is it bad that I never realized that my little blog made one year on February 22nd? I guess I wasn’t paying attention since I was doing a horrible job of blogging? Whoops…:/


In my very first post I mentioned that I would blog about things other than running. Other RANDOM things that I enjoyed. (Which is why I gave my blog the name RunningRandom.) The thing is…I don’t think that I ever got around to blogging about those other things that I love. I never really opened up about myself outside of running, and this year I want to try and change that. My 76 posts were either about my training, races, or my lack of training, and as soon as I stopped running normally, my blogging went away with it. I can’t say that I will post every day or on a set schedule, but I hope to post more often than I have been lately. I’ll still post about running, but now that won’t be the only thing. If you only come for the running posts, then feel free to skip the others or vice versa!


Before I go posting about other stuff, I do have to say that so far March has been pretty great! Especially when it comes to being healthier. I have gotten better at controlling my snacking and have once again started making better food choices on a normal basis. I won’t say that I have been perfect, but I have definitely shown an improvement and feel better for it. Also, the thing that I am even more excited about is that I have been doing some form of exercise daily!


photo (19)


Look at that! I have only run once so far, but I have started every day this month with some sort of workout. Sundays are my rest days, so the yoga that I do on that day is all about stretching, flexibility, and relaxation. I only exercise for about 30 minutes each morning, but it is more than I was doing before now. I can’t even remember the last time that my calendar looked like this, so it must have been a long time ago! With the time change we will once again start running on Tuesdays and Thursdays after work, along with sometime on Saturday. As of now I still plan to do some form of workout before work on running days, but we will see how I feel once we get back to running.


I mentioned to Matt that I am even more anxious to get back to running now because I think these other workouts will help me be a better runner. I feel like I will rock the pavement the next time we get out there! Of course, I could be setting myself up to be let down if I have an off day the next time that we run, but I’m going to try and keep my focus on the positive side. It’s all mind over matter, right?


I’m anxious to cram everything that I want to blog about into this one post, but I think I will try to space them out. That way I force myself to post again soon. ;)


See you next time!